Customer Testimonials

Here's what some of our satisfied customers have to say:

"Shirley and I have known Reena since 2000. She has helped us train three of our Havanese dogs. We have taken classes with her as well as private sessions. Training is especially important to us because we are psychologists in private practice. Our current two dogs are in our offices daily and greet all or our patients. They must be well behaved and Reena has been invaluable in making this work well. We are lucky to have her." Evelyn and Shirley

"I have had the privilege of working with Reena to train two puppies over the last twelve years. Although they were very different dogs in both size and personality, Reena offered me invaluable tips on how to train each of them. Her classes are both informative and fun and Reena's many years of experience both showing and training dogs clearly shines through. She is a wonderful trainer and I would highly recommend her." Anne S.

"Reena is a wonderful and thoughtful teacher. Above and beyond teaching her students the mechanics of an exercise, she thrives on helping people understand and read their dogs and communicate with them clearly, in ways which make the human-canine interaction not just effective but enjoyable for all concerned.

With her instruction, experience, patience, open-mindedness, coaching and support, Reena was able to prepare my Seeing Eye dog and me to compete in the AKC Obedience ring alongside sighted competitors and their dogs, despite never having previously worked with a totally-blind student. Many trainers would have simply dismissed the task out of hand, but Reena took the unusual challenge in stride. With her assistance 'above and beyond the call of duty,' my dog and I were able to complete both his CD and CDX titles, achieving the CD in 3 straight trials and accumulating several first place ribbons in the process of earning the CDX. I know of only a small handful of other working guide dogs to achieve such
success in the obedience ring.

Thanks for giving us the chance, Reena, and for sticking with us the whole way even when lesser mortals might have shaken their heads and thrown up their hands in despair.”

"I met Reena Walton at the San Mateo Dog Training Club while I was obedience training Toby, my older Aussie rescue. Toby was already 1 year old when I got him and he had issues that I wish I could have worked on when he was younger. I realized that I needed help filling the 8-week to 1-year-old training gap that I missed with Toby. 

When I finally did get my next puppy, I wanted to start him out right, with a reliable,  experienced, practical and skilled trainer. Reena has many years of experience training  owners and their dogs and is extremely knowledgeable. My husband and I learned many valuable skills for raising a well-mannered and well-balanced young dog. It is amazing what these little puppies can learn if you know how to teach them! I know how important a puppy’s first year is.

I would not go to just anyone who “trains” dogs. Reena is the best. Thank you Reena from the whole Kramer family."

"My young puppy and I attended puppy class with Reena as our first instructor.  She was calm, confident and knowledgeable. I found that she always had a reasonable, straight forward solution to things. She always had a smile which would spread into the entire class, which made for happy dogs." Marilyn D.

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